Hannah’s Blog


I think it's important to take time out of my busy day and remember to stop and smell the roses. (Or in this case violets.)



It's Camp Month and I've already grabbed the best camping site! Patients who participate in our monthly themes get a chance to win some cool prizes.



In honor of those who have served their country, we offer our thanks.
Have a happy and safe Memorial Day everyone!



My new favorite place: Super Cream Dairy Bar in Homer, NY.  Lucky for me, they don't have a "No Begging" sign!



Check out this awesome article written about me by one of our patients' moms on dentamedia.com



I huge thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate Armed Forces month by donating items for my K9 care packages or buying raffle tickets in support of military working dogs and their handlers!  



April showers may bring May flowers but I've got the Rainy Day Blues.  My Daddy calls this my "Oh, my poor baby" look.





I take my job very seriously.  Here I am reminding one of our patients to always rinse her aligner after removing it.



We have a fun theme every month at OGFL, and this month it's Dr. Seuss Month. I'm really hoping to get a taste of the green eggs and ham everyone keep talking about!



It's school vacation, and I'm bored at home and driving my Daddy crazy. I can't wait to get back to work and see all my friends again!




I don't know why my Daddy Dr. Baker always says "Hannah, use the end with the bristles."  This way is much more fun!



What's cuter than a dog in a hat? A Pop Art dog in a hat! I got "popped" up courtesy of popyourpup.com just in time for Crazy Hat Month. I think I look awesome, what do you think?



It's the most wonderful time of the year for a pooch like me who likes to play in the snow!

Hannah in the snow



I'm famous!  I have been interviewed for the news on channels WENY and WBNGDr. Baker and I hope my story inspires other health care providers to consider the use of comfort animals in their practices.

I was even on featured on Time Warner Cable News!! I can't watch it myself - do you think the camera really adds 10 pounds?



Remember back in August I told you about the video that was being made about me?  Here it finally is...


Check out this awesome video on our Facebook page of me channeling my inner wolf.



Thank you everyone who came to my paw-ties this week and helped me celebrate my 2nd birthday! We had a lot of fun, ate lots of goodies, and raised some money for Hubbards Hounds. It was so good to greet my old friends and make some new ones. I'd like to send a special shout out to my new buddies at the Cortland Fire Department. I hope they report to Fire Chief Nick that I did a good job!



Next week is super important to me - not only is it my second birthday but it's also the one-year anniversary of finding my forever home with Dr. Baker!

Come celebrate with me on Monday 10/24 at our Ithaca office, and Thursday 10/27 in Cortland, We'll have fun (and food!) all day. We will also be collecting donations for Hubbard's Hounds, the rescue that saved me from a kill shelter in Missouri when I was just a wee pup! So stop by, even if you don't have an appointment. I've made SO many friends in my role of office comfort dog, and I want to share my special anniversary with all you. 

Love Hannah



Fall is here! A warm blanket and a cup of hot cocoa is a great way to start off a dreary, chilly morning.



It's Costume Month at OGFL! Follow our Instagram feed @delightfulsmilesny to see more photos of me and the staff in our costumes.

PS: It's my birthday at the end of the month. My lovely co-workers are going to have parties for me at our Ithaca office on 10/24 and Cortland on 10/27. Check out our Facebook page for more info!



I had a blast last Saturday at #ithacadogfest! I ran into some old friends, made lots of new ones, and showed my support for local rescues and shelters. Plus I came home with some awesome #bosbonesorganicdogbiscuits.



I feel the need, the need for speed!

While I'm on duty as office comfort dog I try to always be professional, but on the weekends I like to let loose with some agility. I've been taking classes with the awesome folks at Finger Lakes Agility and Obedience for a couple of months now, and I LOVE racing around the course. (I also love hunting in the grass for dropped treats ;-). My favorite obstacles are the jumps, but if there are hot dogs involved, I'm game to try anything!



It's Football Month at OGFL. I'm a NY Giants fan, like my dad Dr. Baker. Here I am sporting my team colors.

Wear your favorite football team tshirt to your appointment in September and you could score a spin on our spin wheel!



I’m not snoozin’ on the job - just taking a mandatory employee break period...





I’ve been supervising the city work crews as they start repaving the road in front of our Ithaca office. (OK, I’ve really just been watching them out the window, but they know I’ve got my eye on them!)  That big yellow machine with the huge paw is digging up a storm.  I offered to help but my dainty little feet couldn’t keep up.  I did give the hole a thorough sniffing though.  

The construction will last through October so I hope our Ithaca patients will remember to give themselves a little extra time to get to their appointments and to use our Sears Street entrance if they need to.  Don’t worry: I’ll make sure they get the job done right!



I work hard at my job of Comfort Dog! (In my humble opinion, I really run the whole office - I just let the humans think they do.)  But at the end of the day, I like to unwind by having a special treat.



I’m ready for my close-up! Last Friday we shot a video about how having a comfort dog in the office has positively affected our patients’ well-being. Starring ME!! Once the video is complete, we’ll post it on Facebook and our Youtube channel, so stayed tuned.

A huge Thank You to all our patients and their families who helped out, especially Chrissy, Julia and Josh!



It's Safari Month at OGFL and I am rockin' my Zebra costume!

Guess what!! I give my first TV interview on Friday.  Stay tuned for more information.



I don't wanna wear my rubber bands, Dr. Baker!!! (Sound familiar Mom and Dad?)



The best part of my job as office Comfort Dog is making new friends!



It’s Beach Party Month at OGFL. Wishing you sandy toes, salty kisses, and seashell dreams. Hope you’re having a great summer!! Hannah



There's no need to fear!  Hannah the Comfort Dog is here!  Guess who forgot all about having orthodontic work?



Happy July 4th everyone! I hope you all have a fun and safe holiday - Hannah.



Hi!  Hannah’s my name and I’m back to work after a week with our office manager and my bff Colleen!  


Be sure to see my FB timeline video collage and find me on Instagram too @delightfulsmilesny



Na na na na na na...Bat Dog! It’s Superhero Month!




Here I am patiently waiting for my appointment with Dr. Baker (my Daddy) who will be right in. Did you know these things work great for doggie drool too?


Hi!  I’m Hannah!  Welcome to my blog!


I know I look cool, calm and collected, for a part-Lab, but I was left at a “kill shelter” in Missouri as a young puppy.  I followed a long broken road and found my way to Hubbard’s Hounds, a great dog rescue  in Homer, NY.  I was adopted, but it just didn’t work out and I found myself in foster care with the Bakers until my forever home could be arranged.

Unfortunately, my second forever home didn’t work out either...so the nice humans at Hubbard’s Hounds asked the Bakers if they would take me in...since I had two strikes against me.  Dr. Baker jumped at the chance to give me the love and attention I crave and I think I’ve won him over!  I know I’ve found a loving forever home!

The Bakers had a wonderful dog named Pickles...she was a Certified Therapy Dog....I have some big paws to fill!  I’m taking my obedience classes first....although, I don’t think I really need them.  Everyone calls me the “Comfort Dog”, but I prefer Dog in Training, DIT for short!  

Follow Orthodontic Group of the Finger Lakes on Facebook and Instagram to hear more about my adventures!